Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Clean Eating January

Today I will eat a whole Toblerone, one piece after the other, without even stopping for breath. At least... that was the plan!

You see, I haven't eaten chocolate in very nearly a whole month! The last time I ate chocolate was on the 2nd January. In fact, I basically haven't eaten anything sweet or bad for me at all over the last 4 weeks. I haven't had a single mouthful of chocolate, no sweets, biscuits, cakes or any takeaways or junk food of any description.

Well that's not strictly true. However, let's bearing in mind that I would normally eat at least one thing that was bad for me every single day. Normally not just one thin. On an average day, I would have some chocolate or a large bag of sweets or a whole packet of biscuits and on a particularly bad day, all three. My diet was very bad! Whereas in the month of January - or the four weeks from 3rd - 31st January - I had a grand total of a dozen Portuguese cough sweets and three slices of cake. Which is quite the turnaround for me.

Early on it was definitely quite the struggle. At some point, after a few days of basically no sugar, of only eating fruit and vegetables - I also cut out meat for the same period of time, which you can read about HERE - I cracked a little while making my girlfriend a cup of tea and taking the squeezy honey bottle from kitchen cupboard, I raised it up above my head and poured a huge dollop of the golden liquidy goodness directly into my mouth! And it was absolute heaven!

I was and I still am, to a slightly lesser degree, addicted to sugar. I found it completely impossible to cut sweet, sugary things out of my diet altogether. To an extent, I guess what I really did was to replace sweets and biscuits etc with a glass of orange juice and a bowl of Curiously Cinnamon. Something I devoured practically every day. I also worked my way through several boxes of Frosted Shreddies and took up drinking Green Tea, just so that I could get me some of that devious honey, without resorting to squeezing it straight into my open mouth again.

So no I wasn't a saint, I probably still consumed more sugar than was strictly necessary. However, it was still a pretty good start to the year, diet wise at least. Also, importantly and quite surprisingly, it is the first of February, the day I have been dreaming about, the day I was going to inhale the giant Toblerone that has been sitting patiently in the kitchen and the thing is, I don't even have the desire to do so!

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