Wednesday, 6 July 2016

I don't understand

I've decide that I just really don't understand people. We're very odd creatures aren't we?

I don't understand:

People who jump into a busy swimming pool (trying to relive your youth? Trying to get the dramatic temperature change out of the way quickly? I kinda get that but not while there are (lots of) people trying to swim!)

People who swim without a swimming cap (unless you're bald or one of those head out the water breaststrokers, why wouldn't you want to at least try and protect your hair?)

People - that one man - who are bald and wear a swimming cap (you have a built in swimming cap?)

People who stop in the middle of a busy pool to play with their goggles ( a little consideration for other people please. Is it so difficult to wait until you reach the end of the lane to readjust them?)

Slow people who attempt to swim in the fast lane (like just wtf?)

People "fresh" from the sauna who cool off in the pool (as a swimming teacher I am already all to aware just how much kiddie snot there is in the water, I really don't need you to unnecessarily add a gallon of your sweat into the mix too, thanks!)

People who dry their body hair with a hairdryer (it's so thick that a towel won't suffice?)

People who shower facing the shower head (maybe for some of the time but for the whole time? What's that all about?)

People who attempt to swim at 7pm on a Monday (don't complain that it's busy. Of course it's busy! one on a Friday if you want the pool to be quiet, or even just wait until 8pm on a Monday!)

And odd things I've seen this week away from the swimming pool.
I don't understand:

People who have their phone on loudspeaker on the bus (what exactly is the reason for you doing that? I mean... you're still holding it next to your ear?)

People who sit down on escalators (this is just plain weird! Yes we all get tired legs sometimes and yes the escalator at Angel tube station is particularly long, the longest in Europe? But unless there's something I can't see, sitting down on an escalator? I don't get it!)

People who voted for Brexit (yes I'm stilling banging on about that... because Britain, what were you thinking? *weeps*)

Some of you will no doubt understand some of these things. Undoubtedly you are some of these people. I don't understand you haha.

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