Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Swimming pool dreams

We all dream. We just don't all/always remember them. That's right isn't it? I've definitely heard that on a number of occasions. Well I always dream. I know that for sure. I have multiple dreams each night and I can normally remember them when I wake. Which can be good thing, sometimes they give me ideas for films or poems but more often than not it can be quite a bad thing. Bad because I often have disturbing dreams which can stay with me for the rest of the morning/day/week.

Like I said, I dream a lot. And there are some common themes. I often dream that I am running late for something. A flight. A train. Work. All of which are quite realistic - they happen in real life too haha. Except during my dreams there are multiple obstacles in my path stopping me from getting to where I need to be. And although I do sometimes miss trains in real life, it's not half as much as when I'm dreaming. I also regularly dream about getting stuck in confined spaces, often small tunnels that for some bizarre reason, I am attempting to crawl through.

It also seems as though I can never escape the swimming pool... even while I'm sleeping.

I don't think I've talked about this on here before? But I dream about swimming a lot! These dreams manifest themselves in several different ways, well that is to say that they normal take on one of a small number of "story lines".

1. I am running late for work. 2. Someone gets into trouble in the water and I have to rescue them. This is not always confined to a swimming pool but can be a canal or even a fountain haha. 3. And finally and most disturbingly; some sort of scenario where I am teaching a group of small children and something or someone is stopping me from being able to look after them properly. In these dreams normally one or more of the children gets into difficulty and I can never get to them quickly enough. I normally - but not always - wake up before something really bad happens but they are still a little upsetting and although they are only dreams, they can easily alter my mood in the short term.

And it would appear that these dreams have a tendency to follow me everywhere. I am currently in Paris enjoying my week off work with a nice romantic trip for two with my lovely girlfriend Liliana and they have even managed to followed me here.. *sad face*

Ps. Read about my Paris trip and my quest to collect 80 souvenir mugs from around the world on my travel blog: AroundTheWorldIn80Mugs.


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