Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Reading material

Seeing as I'm currently attempting to write a book about swimming. Well I have the first few paragraphs. Read more about that in my previous post BOOK. I thought that I should probably pick up a couple of swimming books. By which I of course mean order some swimming books online.

A friend sent me a message recently asking me if I had read the book 'Man vs Ocean'. Which I haven't. 'Man v Ocean' is a book written by one of my swimming heroes Adam Walker - who I wrote about in the blog post HERO SQUAD - which recalls the tale of the "A toaster salesman who sets out to swim the world's deadliest oceans and change his life for ever." Seeing as he is one of my swimming heroes and I have decided to read some swimming adventure books, to get some inspiration - for my swimming and my writing - I thought his book was a must!

I also grabbed a copy of 'Hell and High Water' which is a book by another of my heroes Sean Conway which tells his tale of "One man's attempt to swim the length of Britain'. What an amazing man. You have to be a bit mad to want to swim the length of Britain. But mad in the best possible sense of the word! Sean is a truly inspiring character. If you don't already about him and his adventures, be sure to check out her website and follow him on social media as he attempts to complete the world's longest triathlon ( which he is doing right now - if you're reading this in May/June 2016).

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into them. I just need to compete 'The Kite Runner' a truly wonderful but very difficult read that I have been trying to complete for nearly a year! But as soon as I do I'm excited to start 'Man vs Ocean' which I think I will read first as it is a hard back and then I plan to keep hold of 'Hell and High Water for my big summer trip. It's always handy to have something to read. Even more so as I will be taking something silly like 11 flights in 28 days.

I will let you know what I thought and whether I would recommend them as soon as I am done with them both. If you're interested in (non swimming related) book reviews/recommendations then check out this blog post: Read the Classics.

And I will no doubt post little bits of my own writing as I go.

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