Wednesday, 11 May 2016

24 Minute Mile

I find setting myself swimming targets to be very important, when it comes to both keeping myself engaged and (therefore) hopefully keeping myself constantly improving. I am forever setting myself little challenges.

But that's not just at the pool but in general. It would seem that I really quite enjoy setting myself challenges? Whether it be something relativity small like completing a sticker book or something on a slightly larger scale like attempting to collect souvenir mugs from 80 different places around the world.

My latest pool based challenge is to swim a mile (64 lengths of a 25m pool) in 24 minutes. It's a fairly big ask! One which will require me to maintain my current 16 length pace - 16 lengths in 5min59sec (with a pull buoy) - for the full 64 lengths, well either that or start doing 16 lengths a hell of a lot quicker and allow myself to gradually slow down into a more comfortable pace. Either way it will be difficult.

Is it a step stroke too far? Possibly? But it's a challenge I plan to meet head on and I have a few months to work on it. The plan is to get myself into shape to be able to complete the challenge before the end of July. Well... that's the plan!

To give you an idea of how achievable/unachievable it is: I did a mile on Sunday - when I was very tired, but it was a pretty good indicator - and timed myself at: 25 minutes 35.55 seconds. So not exactly a million miles away but also not that close either. I somehow need to try and shave off over 1 and a half minutes. So a second and a half a length which is quite an ask!

However, considering that I wouldn't exactly describe myself as being in particularly good shape at the moment (in fact I feel a bit fat) and taking into account that I am currently attempting to swim 10miles a week with pretty good success (I have managed this several times in recent weeks and swam 9 miles last week, which was close if no cigar). Then although there is plenty of room for improvement within my swimming (times and technique), I can genuinely see that improvement being made.

So wish me luck.  

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