Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Routine is good? Isn't it? I mean so many people live their lives to one. In fact we all live to some sort of a routine don't we?

For the longest time I have shied away from routine. Well... that's not completely true. I do have a routine. It's just not a normal 9-5 type of routine and it doesn't normally involve early mornings either! I hate early mornings.

However, last week - due to it being the Easter holidays - my routine changed. Originally I thought that it was changing for the worse... but in fact it changed for the better (in the short term at least).

We don't have regular lessons during the school holidays but we offer something called a crash course. The main differences being that the children have a lesson once a day for five days, instead of once a week for (up to) 15 weeks. The lessons also tend to take place Mon-Fri mornings, rather than evenings and weekends (which is when I normally teach).

Therefore my routine changed from getting up late most mornings (apart from Tuesdays, Saturday's and Sunday's when I teach early) going to the office - where I do hot desking - for a couple of hours (some days) and teaching in the evenings. To waking up at 7.30am every morning, teaching 9am-12.30am, swimming 12.50am-2pm, showering etc, lunch and then going to the office between 3pm and 7pm.

The thing is that I've not been a particular fan of the 9-5 9-7 routine in the past, in fact I don't know if I've actually ever had a 9-5 style job in my life? I've certainly never worked in an office before. And I don't know how long I could last in the 9-5? I find it almost always impossible to go to bed before 2am and so the late nights and early mornings play havoc with my body and mind. However, there are of course several positives to being in a normal, regular 9-5 routine.

First I have a whole weekend away from work, where I can relax and spend sometime with my girlfriend Liliana. Plus I have been super productive. Let's take last Monday as a good example. I got up early and arrived at work a little grumpy at the world but just about on time and ready to teach my lessons. I did 3.5hrs of teaching and then did 128 lengths (3.2km or 2 miles) of the pool. I then had lunch at a nice Mediterranean Restaurant with Liliana and still got to the office by around 4pm. At the office I entered my short film letters into two film festivals, applied for some funding to make another film, answered numerous emails and even had time to write a post for one of my other blogs Year31Project. Then when I got home, even though I was feeling pretty tired, I managed to put up a floating shelf in my bedroom (STRAIGHT! haha) before having something to eat and settling down in front of my laptop to watch the new episode of Archer! I am so, so happy the self proclaimed best spy in the world is back!

It was a wonderful day and in all a pretty great week. A week where I probably didn't get enough sleep but managed to find a good balance between teaching, swimming, visiting the office and socialising. The only problem was that the main reason I was able to fit so much in was because I only did 18hours of teaching all week. Around 12hrs less than what I normally do across swimming and literacy tutoring each week. Therefore attempting to go to the office as much as I did last week and trying to swim 128 lengths five times, is proving a little more difficult this week, now that I'm back up to teaching 25-30hours a week. But I will do it! Hopefully?

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