Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Open letter

There are a few topics that I tend to revisit a lot on this blog: my stop, start swimming, how horrible chlorine is and how hard I find eating healthily.

Today I will be revisiting the topic of healthy eating.

Below is an open letter to people who eat healthily and only healthily. If you are one of those - seemingly - mythical creatures that manages to exist on only things that are good for your body, then please do reply in the comments section below because I have absolutely no idea how you do it.

Dear healthy eating enthusiasts,

I would very much like to be one of you, the only problem I have is that I don't know how. Wait... of course I know how, I just don't know how you do it? I mean, I think that it is quite possibly physically impossible for me to go more than three days at current, without eating fudge. For now it is fudge, soon it will be something else, but there is always something else, some craving of sort, always for something sweet and/or bad for me.

I start a healthy eating regime - maybe that's my first error, seeing it as a negative and difficult thing to do? - and I start well. On the first day I have a healthy cereal and fruit for breakfast, followed by a rainbow salad for dinner and poached salmon for tea. In between I snack on nuts and berries. I only ever drink water and the odd glass of fruit juice and so that remains the same. The second day is pretty much the same thing. Maybe a tuna salad or soup for dinner - soup is healthy right? - and a low fat stir-fry for tea. It's going very well.

But at some point, maybe it's as soon as day three or maybe I manage to hold off on the cravings for a whole week or more, I will start to cave in. I just don't feel full enough. I sure as hell don't feel satisfied! And although my teeth and gut are probably glad of the time off, there is only so much of this healthy eating malarky I can take. There can only be so much time spend munching on rabbit food that I can take before I have to give in and eat CAKE! Or chocolate, biscuits, chocolate biscuits etc, etc, you get the point!

I just have the worlds worst sweet tooth and when it comes to food very little self control. Normally when I get something in my mind I have a strong will and plenty of determination but when it comes to food? For some reason, when it comes to food I find it practically impossible to eat only healthily.

How do you healthy eaters cope? Do you have cheat days? Do they work? Or do you just not like cake? Sometimes I wish that I didn't like cake! :(

All the best (you crazy animals),


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