Wednesday, 20 April 2016

10 mile club

So it turns out that I might have been worrying for no reason. Me? Never! haha (that's only funny if you know me well enough to know that I all too often worry about things that might happen and luckily often never actually do).

A couple of weeks ago I wrote how I was worried about having a Swimming break and how that would affect my swimming, after only recently started to swim regularly again (Back in the glide).

Well it turns out that I needn't have worried about it. Luckily taking a week out - with the very good purpose of meeting my wonderful new nephew - didn't interrupt my flow.

For the past two weeks I have been a fully signed up member of the 10 mile club. Which is a bit like the mile high club except... no, no it's nothing like the mile high club haha

Two weeks ago I worked a crash course, by which I mean extra lessons during the holidays, where I teach the same children each day for a week, which meant that I was working at the pool from 9am until 12.30pm. Giving me the ideal opportunity to get some good swimming in for a change and get some good swimming in I did! During the crash course week, I swam each day Monday to Friday, 128 lengths (2 miles or 3.2km) each day. Meaning that in total I swam 10 miles! Which I was pretty happy with. But can I keep that up?

Well it's going to be a little difficult. I mean I'm at the pool 6 days a week but it's not always easy to fit in an hour plus of swimming each day into my already fairly hectic schedule. The crash course week made it was quite easy: breakfast, teach, swim, lunch, office, tea, tv, bed. A simple routine that allowed me to fit everything in nicely. My normal week however, is not quite so straight forward.

However, last week, even though I was back to my normal "routine", I still happily managed to complete the weekly, 10 miles (640 lengths) and keep myself in the club. Happy days! And although I'm finding it really difficult to do the same this week - and complete a third week on the trot - I will be doing my absolute best to stay in the 10 mile club, this week and every week from now on! How long can it last?

Well wish me luck! (Or if you see me around, give me a helpful kick up the arse - I definitely need that sometimes!)

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