Wednesday, 9 March 2016

You're perfect

We all like our egos massaged every now and again and as long as we don't get too carried away with it, become bigheaded and/or complacent, then surely a nice little ego boost can only be a good thing?

Well every Tuesday evening at around 7.05pm, I get a lovely little ego boost from the grandmother of one of my students. Every Tuesday I finish my lessons with a one to one lesson with an 8 year old boy. I really enjoy this lesson - like I enjoy the vast majority of my lessons - he's a lovely kid and he always tries very hard. In the last few months he has made some big leaps forwards in his progress. Going from not being able to float on his back, to being able to swim 25 metres backstroke with excellent technique, in just a matter of weeks.

Every week he is accompanied by his (Polish?) grandmother. She too is very lovely and is always extremely kind to me. Every week she sits there and watches our lesson - not playing on her phone like most of the parents - with a huge grin upon her face. Then at the end of every lesson in her broken English she tells me "you're perfect" and "you're the best".

I thank her and try to laugh it off as I've never been great at being the centre of attention. But as awkward as appraise sometimes makes me, it is also always wonderful to hear and so every week I find myself waiting for her to tell me how perfect I am haha.

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