Wednesday, 23 March 2016

(Constructive) Fun week

This week is the last week of term again. Which means a few things. I'm am feeling a little drained and under the weather. I am very much looking forward to my time off. And if my job ever really feels like an actual job, it certainly doesn't during "constructive fun" week.

During the last week of term we mostly just get into the water and play games with the children, like having diving stick races and trying - mostly in vain - to shake them off of a large float. Being a swimming teacher is mostly pretty great, but during fun week it is particularly so.

There is a small draw back to the last week of term however. At the end of term there are almost always a small number of children that for one reason or another, will not be returning to their lessons the following term. On average that might be one or two children, but this term it seems that more children than normal are leaving. I have been given the bad news four times already this week and it's only Wednesday. Fingers crossed there aren't anymore children that - mostly due to moving houses - won't be returning to my lessons after the Easter break.

I hope so because I love all of the children that I teach. Maybe some more than others - I try not to have favourites but sometimes it's just impossible - but I have built a bond with all of the 150+ children that I teach each week, I don't know how I couldn't? Especially as I have been teaching most of them for a year or more. So it would be sad to see any of them leave but this week has been made worse by the fact that all of the children that have had their last lesson with me this week, have been up there with my many, many favourites.

I will miss them all but it is at least of some consolation, to know that they will miss me too (look at the wonderful card I received from one of my leaving students). But that's the price you pay for being a teacher I suppose. A small negative in a swimming pool of wonderfulness. I just hope that I manage to last the week without shedding a tear (unlikely!).

ps. imagine when the day comes for me to leave and I have to say goodbye to 150+ children haha

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