Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Back in the glide

There have been encouraging signs lately that after 18 months of swimming inactivity, interspersed with false dawns, that I might finally be getting back into my swimming in a more serious manner.

I say that because:

  • I swam three times last week. Which is not something I have done in... well it's certainly not happened a lot in recent times. 

  • Last Friday evening I swam 96 lengths - at a fairly reasonable pace - the longest swim I have done in probably 12 months. Which still isn't long enough - I'll only be happy when I'm swimming at least 128 lengths 4 times a week - but I was barely even tired when I got out. I felt as though I could have done another 96? Maybe I needed to go faster? 

  • Friday is my one day away from the pool. Which means that I went there on my "day off" (after my English tutoring jobs). Again, this is the first time that I have done this in I don't know how long. 

So the signs are good! Maybe it's because I have one eye on swimming the channel in the summer of 2017. Or maybe it's because I'm not happy with my body (weight) and I want to be "beach ready" for my summer holiday (travel outside of Europe). But whatever the motivation, fingers crossed that I might finally be getting back in the glide.

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