Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Working weekends

I love my job as a swimming teacher. If you read this blog regularly, then you'll already know this as I practically say it in ever single post. However, working evenings and weekends has always been a source of frustration.

It makes it a little difficult to spend quality time with my girlfriend or meet up with friends because if I do have any free time, it either tends to be on a weekday afternoon or after work, when I'm probably feeling too tired to be bothered doing anything. I certainly don't tend to feel like doing much on a Saturday night after 5 - 6 hours teaching at the pool. Even if I go home, have something to eat and a disco nap, even then I'm fully aware that I have to get up at 7.30am on Sunday and teaching for 5 - 6 hours on very little sleep is never a very good idea.

But that's all fine, it doesn't impact on my life too much. Well at least it wasn't. Not until more recently that is. When all of a sudden, I've been inundated with opportunities that I've had to think seriously about and/or turn down because it is so difficult for me to take time off. I'm already taking a weekend off in March to go to a wedding in Lisbon, Portugal. Something I'm really excited about and will be writing about on my travel blog ( Therefore taking more time off, although possible, is not ideal. Especially as I have to find my own cover, something that can sometimes prove quite difficult.

Hopefully none of these missed opportunities will affect my life too much. There were a couple of training opportunities that would have been good to have gone to, but hopefully they won't be a big miss. It has also been messing with my Krav Maga a little which I'm less than ecstatic about. There have been some Krav Maga seminars recently which could have really helped me with my potential upcoming grading. "Potential" because I will need time off work. It also means that I have had to cut down on my English tutoring recently and I can only go to my Krav Maga class once a week, while pretty much everyone else on the course attends at least twice a week. But I'm getting paid well enough - to do a job I love - to pay the bills, rent a desk space and hopefully have a pretty decent holiday in the summer. So all in all, although it has been a source of frustration recently, I'm still in love with my job as a swimming teacher and I even have a rare weekend off this weekend! Woop!

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