Wednesday, 27 January 2016

You learn something new

... everyday.

As the saying goes and so it proved the other day.

On Saturdays I teach a child who is a bit of a know it all. Sorry that should have been an intelligent young man who knows a lot, especially about animals haha. But no I mean it. He's a polite kid and not a know it all at all. He just knows a lot and what he doesn't know he wants to know.

Which means that we spend half of the lesson each Saturday afterrnoon swimming and the other half of the lesson talking about all manner of things:

What colour blood different animales have.

Do all animals have blood.
If/how the moon affects the weather.
How the moon was formed.
How tall my grandparents were.

The conversation is always pretty diverse and fortunately I have a fairly strong interest in and a little bit of knowledge about science. I am particularly interested in natural history and so not only can I indulge him in these topics of conversations but most weeks he goes away learning something about science, as well as swimming. (Hopefully!)

However, last Saturday, he taught me something new. Killer Whales - or the Orca Whales - are not in fact whales at all but belong to the oceanic dolphin family.

In all my years watching nature documentaries, that fact has somehow slipped me by and so I have to admit, I was a little cynical when he first told me. However, he's rarely wrong about these things and so it turns out - after a little google search - that he was right about this too. Killer Whales are in fact large dolphins.

You learn something new everyday!


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