Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Leg hair (an update)

A couple of weeks ago, a few days before I finished work for the Christmas and New Year holidays, I was suffering from a a severe lack of leg hair. So much so that it prompted one of my adult students to ask me the semi embarrassing question: Do you shave your legs?

Which of course I don't but I can totally understand where the question came from. I first wrote about the lack of hair on my legs and the worry it was causing me in a post called Leg hair back in August 2014. There was a distinct lack of hair on both my lower legs and forearms which had suspiciously started a short time after I had started teaching.

Back in August 2014 when I last spoke about it, it was something of a mystery. However, there is absolutely zero doubt in my mind now as to the cause of my lack of body hair. Ok so I've never been the hairiest of men but if proof were needed that I have become less hairy, firstly I have very hairy thighs but the hair all but stops just above the knee at exactly the point that my work wetsuit finishes. And if that weren't enough, after two weeks away from the pool over the holidays, the hair on both my arms and legs has grown back significantly.

The same happened the last time I had a period away from the pool during the summer. Therefore at least my mind is slightly more at rest now. After all, although it's a little shocking that the chlorine weakens the hair on my limbs so much that it is causing it to break and/or fall out. At least I know that given a rest from the chlorinated water, the hair grows back. Now I just wish I could remember to take before and after photographs to show you because if proof were needed, proof of the photograph kind is fairly hard to refute.  

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