Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Caught on camera

People aren't allowed to film at the swimming pool. Especially when their are children swimming. And it turns out that there are very good reasons for that! (Or at least one good reason!).

The official line is that it is against safeguarding regulations. I'm not sure just how neccessary it is to ban all filming and photography at the pool. We're only talking about parents wanting to take a picture or short video of their little "angels" swimming. However, unfortunatly it is almost impossible to film one child in a group lesson without capturing at least one of the other children in the lesson. Therefore, as they are only dressed in swimming costumes/trunks it's understandable that one parent shouldn't really be filming another persons child in their swimming attire, even if they werent meaning to. Especially as - although we know all the parents and nannies etc that bring the children to the pool - I suppose you can't be too careful, you don't always know who is around or what their intentions are.

However, there is another good reasons to stop parents and in this case nannies from filming the children in my lessons. Invariably they we alway photograph/film me at the same time, which is less than ideal (and not just because my hair is wet and therefore out of place haha). Here is the perfect example of why people shouldn't be allowed to film at the swimming pool.

Last week I had a group of four young children, all around 3 or 4 years of age. At the end of the lesson we did jumping as we always do. Jumping in is an important skill to learn and it's also a nice way to end the lesson (as most children really enjoy it). So the first child takes a huge big jump straight into my arms. I take them to the side, give them a high five and then it's the next child's turn, who also does a huge big jump into my arms, followed by the third child who does exactly the same. However, when it comes to the fourth and final child, instead of jumping forward into my arms, she jumps straight up in the air and then plumets straight down into the water - narrowly missing the edge of the pool - and under the water, dropping like a stone to the bottom.

And here comes the best bit - have you already guessed it? - although she was of course never in any danger, I scrabble forwards looking noticeably stressed and - even though she is starting to float up on her own - help to drag up from beneath the water. And guess what! Guess which child was being filmed? 

And so, no matter how long I am a swimming teacher and no matter how good a job I generally tend to do on a day to day basis. I have now been immortalised on film, scrabbling to grab a young child from under the water, with PANIC written all over my face. A video that will no dooubt remain in the families home videos forever. 

What am I saying. It's probably already on YouTube as we speak haha but I'm too scared to look!

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