Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Wet folder

On Sunday I finished work for two glorious weeks off. The last week of term is always a lot of fun and I was very fortunate with the amount of presents I received this year. However, there was one thing that I was less happy about last week.

The woman who has been my boss since September 2014 is leaving. In fact she has already left and as of the beginning of January I will have a new boss. And the thing is that I'm not sure how I feel about her leaving. I mean... she is a pain in the arse. She really is! We've had some pretty special arguments and she is always on my back about some minor thing, making out that the world is about to end if we don't make sure to give out letters or keep the swimming cupboard tidy.

Earlier this term my boss sent me a text complaining that my swimming folder was wet. I had several issues with this text and it took all of my energy not to reply: I work in a BLEEPING swimming pool!!! (at first I didn't say anything at all, I kept quiet for at least an hour, before receiving more annoying texts that resulted in me sending a reply haha).

The thing is, I did get my folder a little wet that particular week, a little more than usual. It always get a bit wet. After all I work at a swimming pool and for some of my lessons I require a signature while we are poolside and both of us - or at least one of us - is dripping wet. Yes I make sure to towel off beforehand but I'm not spending 5 minutes getting completely dry. I have other lessons to get on with (most times I'm getting straight back into the pool). Also it is 2015! Everybody knows by now that water and paper do not mix. Get a better system!!!

As you can tell by the the exclamation marks, this has irked me a little! But the thing is that I partly see where my boss is coming from. When the paper gets wet it starts to fall apart. Which of course makes it difficult for both of us. Also at the time she had an audit coming up - although there always seems to be an audit? So I'm never completely sure if this is true or whether she just uses it to try and make sure that everything is in order - and she needs the folders to be in the best condition they can be. But again: I work at a swimming pool!

But here's the thing. It wasn't necessarily what she said - as stupid as I thought that was - it was more the way she said it that really annoyed me wasn't her telling me to try and keep my folder dry. She has a tendency to exaggerate (a lot!). It was the way in which she did it. The wording of the text. Firstly she said that "All the paperwork are wet" when it was two or three pieces out of many. Then she said "It is the only folder I have got it wet every week". WTF! Firstly it is not wet every week - although if it is I refer back to point number 1, I work at a swimming pool! - and secondly I know what my colleague is like and if he keeps his folder dry then that's one of the few things he's doing correctly. So why get on my back about this and why exaggerate?

Maybe she thinks that by exaggerating and moaning about the littlest things is how she can motivate she staff to get everything perfect in the future? In that case note to my (ex)boss: the only thing your text motivated me to want to do was go into work and throw my blasted folder into the water so that you know what it really looks like when all of the pieces of paper inside are wet and failing apart! That sentence makes me sound very angry but I'm not really that bothered and she's not all bad.

Overall she has actually been a very good boss. I have the ideal amount of hours - to allow me to pay the bills while also giving me time to write - and I always know what is needed and expected of me. Therefore, I am now slightly worried about who is coming in to replace her. Maybe they will be an even bigger pain in the arse? Or what I fear more is that someone less experience and/or less hardworking is going to come in and mess everything up. I'm trying not to worry about it but I have a bad feeling that a new boss is going to come in, standards are going to drop and - I really hope this doesn't happen - my hours are going to decrease.

So please keep your fingers crossed for me and for a smooth change over.

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