Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I'm not fat but neither am I in shape. I've put on a little weight in recent months and I'm not particularly happy about the way that I look.

There are several reasons for my small weight gain:

That's not to say that my putting on weight is her fault. But I have a girlfriend now. After two years of being single, I have been with my girlfriend Liliana for around 7 months now and everybody knows that people in new relationships tend to put on a little weight. Maybe it's because you spend more time at home watching movies and eating takeaways - or in my case eating the amazing meals that Liliana cooks. Or maybe it's because you look after yourself more when you're single and then relax a little when you're in a relationship and you're fairly confident that your partner fancies you.

I have a fairly good diet. I eat a decent amount of fruit and vegetables and I tend to stay away from processed foods. I have the odd take away but I cook for myself quite a lot and I also enjoy several reasonably healthy and extremely tasty meals cooked for me by my lovely girlfriend. However, my issue with food remains the same as always. My perennial problem with sugar, my super sweet tooth, an almost addiction to chocolate and sweets and my tendency to binge eat sugary snacks.

I don't sleep wonderfully well - partly because I always seems to be busy and partially because my bed is too soft! - and I'm always tired. And although I'm not completely sure of the science behind it - if you are then please comment below and if you're not but are interested then google might be your best bet? - poor sleep has been linked to weight gain.

In the last couple of months I have definitely been a lot less active than I have been previously. I have not been doing very much swimming. I haven't climbed in months. I go to Krav Maga once a week but I never practice in between. I walk a lot less; I am taking the bus a lot more than I used to.

And last but not least, Christmas time is fast approaching. The shelves are stocked, the lights have been illuminated up and down every high street in the land and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is in full swing. Therefore, it is "officially" the season to be jolly. And so what's the point of getting into shape now? I'm only going to consume insane amounts of food over the whole Christmas and New Year period! I might as well weight until the New Year to get back into shape... right?

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