Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Present season

Merry Christmas everybody. Tis (almost) the season to be jolly... 

It's my last week in work, before two glorious weeks off and I can't wait! I had the option to do some extra -crash course - lessons over the holidays but I decided that - after working pretty solidly since September - I needed a break. I say I can't wait to finish but in truth I love the last week of term. The last week of term is " constructive fun week" and so I spend the whole week playing in the water with my students. It's great! So I will savoir this week and look forward to my time off.

It's great that I can have this time off. I know not everyone is so fortunate. It will be nice to have some time away from that pool! Unfortunately I'm not going anywhere exotic. I will be in Wales for Christmas and London for New Year. But it will be nice to have the time to relax and see family and friends before returning to London to spend New Year with my girlfriend. 

As I have written lots of times on this blog, I love my job. It's great fun, it can be a little tiring but rarely actually feels like a job and it has lots plenty of perks. One big perk being that this week is "present season". A lot of the parents are very generous with gifts of wine and chocolates and even some "shampoo" at this time of year. Last year I opened a card and a twenty pound note fell out. And this year this happened: A little boy gave me a present and said "I know what it is, shall I tell you?" and I'm glad that I said yes because when he told, me he told me: "it's shampoo". Opening the bag later I found a nice bottle of Cava (Champagne). Which made me chuckle. 

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