Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Time keeping

My time keeping often leaves a lot to be desired. I'm not normally late for work but I am normally rushing, chasing the bus down Upper Street or sprinting up Europe's tallest escalator at Angel Station.

I'm normally better at the beginning of term. I know what time I need to leave my house in order to be on time. To give me enough time to get to work, get changed into my uniform and set up the equipment for my lessons; I need to leave my house 1 hour before my first lesson. At the beginning of the term I always do this. But as the term wares on, as I get more tired and a little fed up, I leave later and later. I leave the house 50 mins before by shift and then 45mins and then if the time between leaving and working gets any smaller than 45mins then I'm in serious danger of starting my lessons late. Which of course is not ok.

There are several reasons why I might arrive somewhere late. However, it's normally because I leave the house late. Sometimes I under estimate how long a certain journey is going to take. However, usually it's just because I get carried away doing something like writing a blog or an email, reading about football online or more often than not I get carried away doing nothing; chilling out, watching tv etc. Then all of a sudden it's 15 minutes until I need to leave and I still haven't showered, got dressed etc and the rush is on.

However, on other occasions something happens that is out of my control and even though I was originally on time and it's not really my fault - maybe I should build in more "what if" time into my journey - something happens to make me late.

That kind of something happened on Monday. I was coming up the escalator inside Angel underground station - luckily the small one not the giant one - when I heard a loud thud and lots screaming. As I looked up, there was a pile of people lying on the escalator just in front of me. It was quite a scary sight, not least because the escalator was still moving. Eventually - after what felt like forever - somebody finally pressed the emergency stop button and the escalator came to a halt. At which point I joined a couple of other people who were attempting to help up the people who had fallen down onto the "floor".

I didn't see what happened - I was probably too busy staring at my phone - but what seemed to have happened was that an old man - who had a walking stick - had lost his footing. Falling backwards he had taken out a woman who appeared to be his elderly wife and also a young girl who had been standing behind them with her friends. Luckily nobody was seriously injured. There were some cuts and bruises and everyone had had a bit of a shock, but otherwise they all seemed to be ok.

As far as reasons for being late go, I think it was a pretty good one. I mean I was happy to help and not at all bothered about being late. But I really didn't need the excuse to be late. I'm pretty good at being late all by my own.

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