Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Sunday swimmers

Sunday swimmers are a lot like Sunday drivers. They're not all grey haired and they don't all wear caps, but they're all very slow and forever getting in your way.

After last Sunday I have definitely added Sunday afternoons to my (bad) memory based list of times when I should definitely not try and swim at the pool where I teach.

Sunday afternoons has been figuratively noted down alongside most evenings between 6pm and 8pm, in particular Monday around 7pm which is especially busy. "Luckily" I work most evenings and so even if I happened to lose my mind and forget how packed the pool gets in the evenings, I couldn't swim during these times anyway.

Also on the role call of blacklisted swimming times are mornings between 6am and 8am. Partly because of the early morning, pre work rush but mostly because I HATE MORNINGS and I always intend to be sleeping at this time. And come to think of it, lunch times are a pretty busy time at the pool as well, so I'll be avoiding those too!

Therefore, as you can see, the times that I can/should swim are starting to look fairly limited. However, I'm there 6 days a week and the time just before I start work in the week - roughly 1.30pm to 3pm - is always fairly quiet and so I can certainly find the time to swim if I want to. I definitely don't have any excuses not to swim, at least not when it comes to finding times when the pool is quiet. 

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