Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Halloween cupcakes

A little appreciation goes a long way!

It's a confidence game. Wayne Rooney needs to feel loved to play well. Now that Harry Kane has a couple of goals under his belt, he'll be away and scoring. Nobody will be able to stop him. In case you're reading this and have zero knowledge of English football, Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane are two top strikers that up until recently have been struggling a little to score goals.

Being a top footballer is down to a lot of things, speed, strength, agility, having a good footballing brain etc etc. But when it comes to form, so much is put down to confidence. Well in that respect, we're all a little like premier league footballers aren't we? Most of us probably get paid less per week than the biggest players get paid every minute, but if we feel loved and appreciated, we do our jobs better too?

I'm confident in my own ability as a swimming teacher. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm pretty good at my job. Not infallible! I still have plenty of things to learn, but I'm aware of this and I'm not afraid to ask my collegues for advice. However, overall I'm confident that on a day to day basis I do a fairly good job.

I feel that in order to complete our jobs adequately, we all need to be confident in our abilities but it's also incredibly importantly that this confidence has some sort basis in the real world! Luckily for me I get enough praise - the source of most of my confidence - to believe that I must at least be doing something right.

Last week was half term and I would have loved to have been able to take some time off. In fact I was hoping to get away for a few days. Maybe Marrakech? Maybe Istanbul? Or possibly even Paris? Unfortunately, instead of this, I stayed in london and worked; if a little less than usual but still, I stayed at home and worked. On Saturday however - which happened to be Halloween - I managed to get one of those rare things called a day off (read more about my halloween HERE).

So instead of flying away somewhere exotic and exciting, I was stuck at work, but it wasn't all bad. I only had a couple of hours of teaching each day and I was working with some really lovely children. One of which showed their appreciation for my "hard work" with the Halloween cupcakes in the picture above. It is always great to feel appreciated but it's all the better when cupcakes are involved!

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