Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Sweat. Something I have been meaning to talk about on here for a good long while now.

After another new start which lasted a whole two weeks. During the last couple of weeks my swimming has really gone back down hill. In fact it's been non-existent. But I've had a fairly good excuse: I've been quite ill recently (which I've written about HERE and HERE).

But when I'm swimming. I really swim. Hard and fast. And so I've often pondered the question: Do I sweat while I'm swimming?

I must do right? I get all hot and bothered and I know that the water I swim in is normally quite cool,  so it maybe keeps my body temperature down a little, but surely I sweat too... right?

The thing is I've been sweating a lot recently. Night sweats from the flu. The air and water temperatures at the pool I work at have been all over the place recently and when I originally wrote this post I was on holiday in wonderful Croatia (which I wrote about a lot on this blog as well as on and

I had an amazing time in Croatia. Thanks for asking! The weather was unreal. It was between 33 and 35 degrees the whole of time I was there and so even without any serious exertion, or any exertion at all, I was constantly sweating.

While I was away, I swam everyday - at least once a day - including lots of snorkelling. I didn't do any proper swimming but I was normally in the water for around an hour at a time. Ok so most of the time I was simply floating about on the surface, the seas there are beautiful and very calm. But it was so warm that even then I must be sweating? 

Maybe not? I don't know! But when I'm at home in the pool, surely then I must be sweating? I mean, when I swim, I really swim. I push myself hard. There's no head out of the water, old lady style breaststroke for me! It's all get your head down front crawl. And I'm not claiming to be a particularly fast swimmer. However, when I train, I train hard. When I get out at the end of my session I'm tired. I feel like I've had a workout. If I've really done it properly, I feel like I'm going to be sick.

However, I never seem like I'm sweating. I'm all hot, face flushed etc but sweat? Obviously it is practically impossible to tell. I'm submerged in water after all. However, even though the water in the pool is fairly cool - if not cold enough - I still get very hot in the water, so surely logic dictates that I must be sweating? When you overheat as I do while swimming you sweat in order to try and cool myself down. Right? I think that's right or something like that anyway. So what is going on? Does anyone out there know the science? I've googled it. It didn't really help!

Please comment below if you have any ideas!

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