Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Payday burrito

Today is payday and I'm hopeful that it will be a good one.

(Although I can and do often work across the holidays) my work is term time only and so my pay can be quite up and down. Last month my pay packet suffered greatly from the fact that I had three wonderful weeks off in the summer (when I went on holiday to Croatia). But this months should be a great deal better (with a little luck).

This month - or the pay period at least - I have done 20+ hours each week. Which makes me sound quite lazy but add on top of that, 6 hours of tutoring, workshop facilitating, poetry writing, film writing, filling out funding applications and invoices, replying to emails and all the other things I have to do on a weekly basis, - as well as the fact that I work across all seven days of the week with only two full days off between 1st Sept and the 21st Dec - it's a miracle if I ever get a chance to sit down and just do nothing for a change.

But whinging about being tired and over worked aside. My paydays have slowly been getting better and better. During the last (nearly) 18 months that I have been teaching at the pool, I have gone from 8hrs a week to around 22hrs a week. This is obviously a huge increase. So it's a slightly deflating thought that I'm somehow still dirt poor - probably something to do with my complete incompetence when it comes to money management - but regardless of what I get paid at the end of each month; I always give myself a little payday treat. No matter how big or small the number on my pay slip, you can guarantee that I will always find the £6.95 required to buy myself a payday burrito!

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