Wednesday, 14 October 2015


I go to work 6 days a week and I stand in lukewarm water for 2, 3, 4, sometimes 5 hours at a time. I get out and take a lukewarm shower - or at least it feels lukewarm after the cold has gotten into my bones - happily the one thing that is warmer than lukewarm at work is the reception of the children I teach.

And lukewarm is just the worst temperature of them all! It's such a tease.

I'm not a huge fan of high temperatures. As I wrote a long time ago now HERE I'm not the biggest fan of the sauna and steam room at work. Also when I go on holiday I like it to be hot but not too hot and I always hide from the sun during the hottest hours. But hot temperatures have their advantages, whether we're talking about the weather and being able to walk outside in shorts and t-shirts or hot drinks and soups on a winters day. Somehow even too hot is better than lukewarm.

The same goes for cold temperatures. It has it's advantages like cold drinks on a warm day and how fun can snow be fun (until it sticks around for too long). And even though dressing up in four layers, with a coat, hat, scarf and a pair of gloves can be quite tiresome and slightly inconvenient; it is what it is! You know what you're getting. It's winter, it's cold. It happens every year.

But there's nothing nice about lukewarm! It's too much of a massive tease to be nice. It's like that overly flirty guy/girl you've been talking to for the last half an hour, who you think is going to ask you for your number at any moment but what you don't know is that they actually have a girlfriend or boyfriend. They're either just naturally flirty or like playing with people... either way it's not a very nice place to be. Just like a lukewarm swimming pool! 

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