Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Under the weather

I think my job is making me ill!

Luckily - or unluckily depending on how you see it - I'm not in a very stressful job. I go into work and I do my job. There's a bit of admin work and I sometimes have to deal with the politics surrounding the club that I work at, the management and the parents of the children that I teach. But mostly I just go to work, do my job, go home and forget about it.

The thing is as much as I love being a swimming teacher - and it is a job that I love - it's not my dream job! My dream is - and has been for the last 15-20 years - to be a writer/director. Something I'm hopefully on my way to making a reality. Check out my short film letters HERE. But swimming teaching is also more than simply a job that pays the bills. I care about my students and sometimes suffer from bad dreams about people drowning, but generally I don't go home and stress about things the way that people with greater responsibility might.

That said, I feel like my job sometimes makes me ill and I feel that there are four main reasons for this:

Working with children. As much as I love children and working with children, they are little bundles of germs. I got ill a few weeks back and I don't think that it was a coincidence that I started feeling ill a couple of days after a snotty child sneezed right into my face haha

Standing in water. Even though the water is 29 to 30 degrees - I have a couple of posts coming up about water temperature - and so it is actually too warm to swim in properly. It gets mighty cold, pretty fast when you're standing in it (often for several hours at a time). I don't think that this is good for me. Especially when I am already feeling tired and or a little under the weather.

No days off. Although I don't necessarily work at the pool for that many hours. It is a very tiring job. I am always tired and because I am working everyday I don't get the time to rest that I need. I work at the pool 6 days a week. Then with my tutoring and writing etc, I do 7 days a week and easily 40+ hours a week. And so when I do get ill - as I am again right now - it is extremely hard to get myself well again. I am always on the go and although I have spend a lot of time resting these past few days. Everyday I also have had to get up and go into work. That's because it is virtually impossible to take a day off sick. Even if I could find a cover teacher - which is incredibly hard - I get paid for the hours I work and so missing a day can prove quite costly.

The weather. Not strictly job related and although it looks quite nice and sunny out of the window this morning, I doubt the weather we have in the UK is helping me any. I could certainly have done without being caught in a rainstorm yesterday, while I was feeling like death.

The thing is, I'm not normally someone who gets ill very often. I think that while working with children you are more open to getting ill. However, in all the years that I have been working with children in one form or another, I have maybe gotten ill on average once a year. That has all changed since becoming a swimming teacher however! I feel like I am ill all the time!

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