Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Olive Oil

As I wrote last week. I've been a little under the weather recently.

In total I was ill for a full two weeks! Which was a really long time for me. I don't normally get ill very often - at least not before I started teach swimming - and when I do it normal lasts for a few days max. However, for some reason, I found this illness really hard to shake - mostly probably due to the fact that I am constantly in the water teaching and getting cold - but hopefully I am now back to full fitness?

Except - although the flu like symptoms; aching, sneezing etc seem to have gone - I have been left with a little present. For the last week I have had the joy of being completely deaf in one ear. It started while I was ill and now, even after the illness seems to have departed, the deafness is still persisted.

Having a issue with my ears is not a new thing. In fact I've actually had a problem with my right ear for sometime now. For the last few months, I've been suffering from something called swimmers ear. Something that apparent David Cameron was suffering from during the summer? You couldn't wish it upon a nicer guy really could you?

Swimmers ear is an inflammation of the ear canal. What this means is that for the last I don't know how long, I have had a sore, itchy, overly waxy right ear. Lovely I know! It's actually been ok recently but around June or July time it was really quite bad, bad enough for me to go to the doctor.

So I went in and saw the doctor and she asked me what the matter was. I told her that I had a problem with my ear etc and she asked me if I did much swimming. When I told her that I was in fact a swimming teacher, she laughed at me! How very professional haha. And then basically told me that it was a hazard of the job. Great! Thanks! Very helpful!

She also told me that she couldn't see any infection/inflammation - typically the ear was feeling a lot better on the day of the appointment - and so she wouldn't be prescribing me anything but that I should come back if it became sore and itchy again. Which of course it would but of course I'd probably think twice about wasting my time because they are wonderfully helpful some of the doctors in this country aren't they?

The doctor also told me that I had a bit of a waxy buildup in my right ear and that I could use olive oil to help disperse it. Have you heard this before? To get rid of a waxy buildup in your ear, you use normal, everyday olive oil - that you would put on a salad or whatever - and put it into your ear. I know olive oil is supposedly good for you but seriously, I never expected it to be prescribed to me by a doctor. Well she didn't actually give me a prescription for olive oil. That probably would be a step too far. She simply told me to use the olive oil I have at home - although I was fresh out, it's not really something that I use - or that I could also purchase some olive oil drops.

So here I am, sat at my computer writing this, with a right ear that is not only itching and partially deaf but is also full of water (because well I'm always in a swimming pool) as well as several drops of olive oil (because apparently thats what passes for medicine in this country these days haha).

But unfortunately I think another trip to the doctor is in order - hopefully one that is able to refrain themselves from laughing at me - because I'm really not sure how/why a combination or flu and swimmers ear has made me partially deaf - actually I have just read that temporary hearing loss can be a symptom of swimmers ear or otitis externa to give it it's proper name - but I do know that I could do without it.

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