Monday, 7 September 2015

Binge eating

The world isn't a fair place. We all know that. You only have to look at the crisis in Syria to know that. While we have it all, they have absolutely nothing. But that's not what I want to write about here. Instead today I'm going to talk about my relationship with food (while the whole time being conscious that plenty of people abroad, as well as here in the UK, don't have enough food to eat, let alone enough to binge on).

Now as I said above, we don't live in a fair world. In a fair world people would have enough to eat and I would probably be fat. Now, in my defence - against myself - I do actually do a reasonably amount of exercise, probably more than most. I try to swim regularly, I cycle as much as my very beautiful but also very unreliable bike allows, I am learning Krav Maga and I aim to go climbing at least once a week.

On top of that my job is very active, while I am in the water teaching I am constantly moving and in general I always seem to be on the go. I tend to walk a lot. If somewhere is a 15-20 min walk away, I wouldn't dream of taking a bus or the tube. Also because I am often running late, I tend to spend a lot of energy running for buses and tubes etc.

However, although my activity must account for something, I do feel that the main reason why - at nearly 32 years of age - I am still pretty much the same size and weight I was when I was 16, is because of my genes and metabolism. I say that because although I try to eat healthy, eat reasonable sized portions and although I normally have very good self control - I gave up drinking alcohol in May 2013 and I haven't had so much as a sniff since - when it comes to food I have a mouth full of sweet teeth and very little restraint.

I really do have very little self control when it comes to food. I have to be very careful not to cook too much and not to buy things in bulk. If I do, I always end up eating way too much. I need to start buying things in quantities that I can comfortably eat in one go because if I buy things in packs of 4, 6, 8 etc, then I tend to binge eat, eating all 4, 6, 8 etc in one sitting. Often without pausing for breath in between.

I find it too easy to just inhale them all in one go. Which means I end up taking in far too many calories and grams of fat for one meal/snack. Therefore, if I'm going to stay slim and even better, get into the kind of shape I'd be happier with - how I long for that swimmers body that always seems to be just a little out of reach - I will be aiming to only buy food in multiples of one or maybe two. That way, when I eat everything I've just bought all at once, I'm not scoffing 4 sausage rolls and 4 millionaire shortbreads in 5 minutes flat.

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