Monday, 14 September 2015

Another new start

Ever since I was forced to postpone my Channel Swim (indefinitely) last summer, I have found motivating myself to swim almost impossible.

At the start of ever week, every month, every school term I find myself declaring it as a brand new start. A moment in time when everything will change. When I will start using the gym.  When I will cut out sweets and chocolate and only eat healthily. When I will start to swim regularly again. But for many reasons - mostly being a bit lazy and completely addicted to sugar - it never happens. I simply carry on, plodding along. Never going to the gym, binge eating and swimming every now and again at best.

That was until last week! I don't know what happened last week? Maybe I caught sight of my ever increasing belly in the mirror? Maybe it was a keenness to get into a proper routine of writing, working and exercising? I really don't know what it was but for some reason or another I started swimming again! Properly and regularly!

Last week I swam 1 mile (64 lengths of a 25m pool) on Monday, 1 mile on Tuesday, I had Wednesday off (I wasn't feeling too well, particularly motivated and my legs were tired from my Tuesday night Krav Maga class), 1 mile on Thursday, I had Friday off (I don't work at the pool on Fridays), I wanted to swim on Saturday but they closed the pool after I finished my lessons for the day as they didn't have a lifeguard (which is a tad ridiculous). And I swam 1 mile on Sunday. So 4 miles. Which isn't exactly groundbreaking - 18 months ago I would have been doing 10 miles plus - but compared to recent week it's a fairly successful week. Now "all"I need to do is to keep it up and then start to push myself a little more, start to swim a little further each time. Which is as much to do with finding the time as it is working on my stamina because even though I'm not in particularly good shape, I can still probably swim at a reasonable pace all day (but unfortunately even if I wanted to, I don't have the time to do so).

Sp with the swimming going quite well, next I need to work on my diet (no more junk food binges) and I also need to try and add in a little bit of gym work. Hopefully this will help my swimming, as well as my overall general fitness and well-being. If I can do that, maybe this is more than just another new start. Maybe this time it will become a new way of living? Probably not but you can only live in hope.

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