Monday, 3 August 2015

Snorkel and mask

I somehow managed to travel to Croatia with everything I could possibly want for my holiday, everything, my bag was literally fit to burst. Well all except one thing: swimming goggles.

Ok it's not like I forgot to pack my passport or boarding pass. It's not like I got all the way here before realising that I had forgotten to bring any underwear.

Also it's Croatia not the moon, so obviously they sell swimming goggles here. But seriously! I'm a "swimmer" and a swimming teacher - although it is very rare that I wear goggles during my lessons - and so I have somehow managed to amass quite the collection. Off the top of my head I can count 7 different pairs of swimming goggles that I either have at home or in work. Four black pairs, a grey pair, a blue pair and a see through pair. all of which I think, except for one pair - a pair I don't like very much - are made by Speedo. So given that I have so many pairs, how did I manage to foget to bring a single pair with me?

Well it's already common knowledge that I have a terrible memory. Just read this blog HERE, this one HERE or this one HERE.

So the thing is, I definitely need something while I'm here and swimming in the sea everyday. However, seeing as I already have an ever growing collection of swimming goggles at home, I thought that it maybe made more sense to buy a snorkel and mask this time? That way I'm not just buying the same thing again and I can also use it to help observe fish and other sea life. Once while I was snorkelling off the coast of a tiny Greek Island, I saw an octopus! It was amazing!

Also if I manage to fit it into my suitcase for the return journey - I'm not sure that that's physically possible? It was hard enough closing my case on the outward journey and I also now have my souvenir mugs for my TRAVEL BLOG - I can use it for future holidays too. Although due to that wonderful memory of mine, I'm pretty sure I will only throw it into the back of a wardrobe and forget all about it. Surely there is no way I could remember to take it on another trip, is there?... NO! Haha.

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