Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Early mornings

The early bird catches the worm and all that but... I don't do mornings and I don't eat breakfast. I never have and I don't think I ever will.

It's not a coincidence that I have a job that allows me to get up at 10am. I work mornings on the weekend but from Monday to Friday the earliest that I work is 3pm. Which means that at the earliest I leave the house at 2pm, by which time - in theory - I can get lots of things done (be that emails, writing or the fun stuff, like hoovering and the washing.)

However, last week and the first three days of this week are the exception and not one that I am enjoying or was looking forward to. Last week was crash course week. Something that happens during the different school holidays and something that I tend to work 2-3 times a year. And this week I'm on a training course Monday to Wednesday: something I will tell you all about on this blog next week.

During crash course week I work in the mornings - not through choice - and you can call me lazy if you wish but I hate it. I'm simply not a morning person. I like to sleep my way through the morning, go to work in the afternoons, be (semi) productive in the evenings and stay up late: reading, writing, watching a film or whatever. But during crash course week I don't get to do as I wish. I was working from 8.30am until 12.30pm and so had to be up by 7am. But I shouldn't complain, they're nice short days and probably the routine I should be in.

Or better still, if I could get myself into the routine of getting up at 7am - or lets maybe say at the slightly more reasonable 8.30am - then with my normal working hours, I would be able to get up, have a shower, something to eat -although for one reason or another I find it impossible to eat until I have been awake for a minimum of 1.5hrs - do some writing, send some emails etc and after all that I could probably even find the time for a little swim before my shift starts. That would be a nice, productive routine and getting up at 8am on Saturday mornings would no longer kill me the way they currently do, after having spent Monday to Friday getting up at somewhere between 10am and 11am.

Unfortunately however, there is one main problem with that plan. I'm currently writing this at 1.30am because even when I have to get up at 6.30am to get to a training course - in the middle of nowhere - by 9am, I still find it virtually impossible to go to bed before 2am! I'm a night owl and 2am is my bedtime. As much as I do or do not like it, that's the way it is and that's the way it feels like it will always be (as hard as I try to change it).

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