Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Cycle to work

Today I will cycle to work for the first time in a long time - in fact by the time that you read this, I already have - and I'm understandably nervous. So wish me luck. I might need it? Not because cycling in London is dangerous - which of course it is - but because of all the mechanical problems that I have had to endure since buying my bike (by which I mean, having the same problem over and over again... getting a puncture!).

After the latest of several "well documented" problems with my bike, which you can read about HERE. As well as three weeks off work, during which time I went to Croatia for 10 days, which you can read all about HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE; I haven't ridden my bike once in over 6 weeks.

But seeing as I spent all my money on my little trip to Croatia, cycling to work has become something of a necessity again. Therefore last night I fitted a new inner tube to my front tyre and hoping for the best, this morning I cycled to work (or at least I attempted to ride to work this morning, as I cycled to work after posting this, I'm not actually sure whether I made it or not?).

Obviously after what happened the last time I attempted to cycle - HERE's the link again - I wasn't exactly feeling overly confident about making it to work without another puncture. You see, in light of all these punctures - surely there have been too many over the past (nearly) two years for it to be put down to coincidence, bad luck and narrow tyres? - fitting yet another inner tube - all be it more carefully than ever - is definitely more papering over the cracks, than fixing the underlying problem with the ancient foundations.

Hence why last night I thought it best to go for a 5 minutes test ride - which turned into a 20 minute long "joy ride" - in an attempt to test my bike - as well as my legs - hopefully limiting the risk of anything going wrong while I'm on my way to work. A test my bike - most importantly both tyres - happily and hopefully not misleadingly came through unscathed (as did my legs, mostly).

I do love my bike and it does present me with a fun, (fairly) cheap, healthy and efficient mode of transport. However, as well as all of the puncture problems after last nights little midnight jaunt, I was definitely left thinking; has my bike always been so uncomfortable and difficult to ride? If I didn't love her so much and I had some disposable cash lying around, maybe I'd buy something a little newer and more appropriate for the London commute.

But I do love my bike - so maybe after my next payday, I'll settle for "puncture proof" tyres and some shorts with a padded arse instead - and so I'm looking forward to having her carry me to work again each day (that is until I no doubt get another puncture and feel completely disheartened again). So wish me luck because what are the chances that I will even be able to cycle to work and back home again, just for one day, without experiencing any problems? I'm guessing they're not very high but fingers crossed it will be ok and that I haven't just jinxed myself!

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