Monday, 31 August 2015

Bank Holiday Monday

Back to work. Again. And not exactly feeling excited about the prospect.

I do love my job - something I say on here way too often but it's true - but I've enjoyed a lot of time away from my normal lessons recently. Our lessons are term time only and so - apart from a week of crash course lessons - I have spent the majority of the summer away from the pool and away from London. What with my holiday to Croatia, sometime spent with my family in Wales, a training course in Croydon - that doesn't count as London... right? - and a trip to Dublin, I have been out of London a lot recently.

But for now it's back to London and back to the daily grind. By which I mean daily. As of this afternoon, I will be back to working 6 days a week at the pool and then with my tutoring on top, I will be working across all 7 days of the week. And this is a long term. We start today. Yes we start today. You're not reading that wrong. Our term starts today, Bank Holiday Monday! I have no idea who thought that would be a good idea! Not only is it Bank Holiday, not only is it Carnival but none of the children I teach go back to school until Thursday at the earliest. I think there is a high possibility that I will be stood poolside without any children to teach again.

Then, excluding a week for half term at the end of August - when I would like to get away on holiday but will quite probably be doing a crash course week - we will be working all the way through until 20th December. It really is a long term this time. 15 weeks of lessons. Which means that it must be around 16 weeks until Christmas!

But I don't need to be worrying about that at the moment. I just need to enjoy the fact that I will be seeing all the wonderful children I teach again, even if my favourite isn't swimming with us anymore. Not that I have favourites! *winks*

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