Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Sunny days and holidays

The fact that the hours of my job are so antisocial - evenings and weekends - gets a little frustrating sometimes. When my friends want to do cool things I'm invariably stuck at the swimming pool or I'm simply feeling too tired to be bothered doing anything.

But on sunny days I forget all about that. I love London on sunny days and because I don't work 9-5 and I only work term time, I actually get to enjoy a lot more of them than most of my friends do. Now unfortunately I don't always have people to share these days with, as they are all doing 9-5 jobs. But I can't worry about that too much.

It's currently 30 degrees plus outside and I just need to kick back and enjoy the weather because while my poor friends are stuck in stuffy offices, I'm sat outside reading, writing and playing on my skateboard in the beautiful summer sunshine. (How smug does that sound! haha)

I don't know how long I will be a swimming teacher? I don't know if it will be viable in the long term and of course I plan to be a successful writer/director anyway. But for now I'm enjoying what I'm doing.

Life is good!

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