Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Packed and ready!

As I write this I am sat in the bedroom of my North London flat watching the rain outside the window and trying to figure out what I have forgotten.

  • Passport
  • Travel money
  • Boarding pass
  • Pens and paper
  • Book
  • Suncream
  • Toothbrush
etc etc. (Ok I'm not exactly doing all at the same time. I'm a man and therefore find it virtually impossible to multitask but you get the idea. My packed suitcase and tick list sit on the bed next to me).

And as you read this, there is a good chance that I am currently sat on the beach of a small island off the coast of Croatia - where it is set to be 34C - or possibly enjoying a relaxing swim in the calm blue waters.

Last week was the last week of term. I now have three amazing weeks off which I am very excited about and feel as though I thoroughly deserve, after working everyday for the past 7 weeks, without a day off. 

The last week in work is always a little bit completely pointless. Most of the children broke up from school the week earlier, in some cases maybe two or three weeks earlier. Some of the private schools have 8 or even 9 weeks off for the summer! Which means that probably less than a quarter of the children I teach showed up for their lessons. Which leads to a lot of time waiting around with no one to teach - time I could and should but didn't spend swimming - and lots of lessons with just one or two children.

Ideally we would break up with the schools. But (fairly understandably) the company I work for leave it as late as possible in order to get as much money out of the parents as is humanly possible. The term dates are a little on the extreme side however. The autumn/winter term starts on the 31st of August and finishes on the 20th of December! Meaning that most people won't show up for the first or last lesson of the term. But I shouldn't really be complaining. I get paid for the hours I work and although extra time off would be nice and more cost effective for the parents; it would also significantly affect my pay. Therefore, I have to be happy to turn up and hang around because at the end of the day, as boring as it is, I'm getting paid not to work.

Now back to the packing. It has been a very long few weeks. I have been very tired and run down lately. A couple of weeks ago I lost my voice (which you can read about HERE) and I've had this annoying tickly cough at night ever since. So I'm looking forward to getting away, relaxing, soaking up the sun, eating good food (what is Croatian food like?) and getting myself back to 100%.

I am packed and I am most definitely ready!

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