Wednesday, 24 June 2015

No shower

I have previously talked about my no pants Saturday in the post: Commando and about my no towel Sunday in the post: No towel. Now it's time to talk about no shower Wednesdays.

Every Wednesday I finish teaching at the pool at 5.30pm and then have to rush to my home tutoring job where I have to be for 6.30pm. In fact it's not that much of a rush - I'm more likely to get there on time on a Wednesday than I am on Fridays, my one day off from the pool when the only job I do is my tutoring -  and it's not much of a rush for one reason. On Wednesdays I don't shower at the pool after my shift. Now if I were to shower after I finished teaching, there is little to no chance of me making it to my students house on time. Therefore, on Wednesdays I forgo a shower at the gym _ I will instead shower at home later - in favour of getting to my next job on time.

Which is fine, except for one thing. Chlorine! I have definitely spoken about chlorine before! I've talked about how it's all that I ever smell of HERE. How I think that I'm allergic to it HERE. How dry it makes my skin HERE. How it ruins my clothes HERE. And even how I'm convinced - and with good reason - that it's making my leg (and arm) hair fall out HERE.

I do seem pretty obsessed with it but that's because Chlorine is pretty nasty stuff! After all - although I'm not too sure about the actual science behind it - they sometimes use Chlorine to make bombs!

Now obviously health and safety is pretty stringent in this country - lots of people would say that it has "gone mad" - and so obviously what I am exposed to at the swimming pool is a small, "safe" dose. But still, how good can it really be for you? I mean, I try to look after myself. Ok I probably eat too much chocolate, go to bed too late and I've not always excised as much as I currently do, but I lead quite a clean lifestyle. I eat quite healthily, I don't eat dairy or too much red meat, I don't drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks, I don't smoke or do drugs and I don't have unprotected sex with strange women that I meet in bars (partly because I'm sensible, partly because on the rare occasions that I do go to bars, the strange women don't wish to sleep with me haha). Of course there are several reasons behind my lifestyle choices, however the overriding factors is that I am keen to live as long and healthy a life as I can. And yet I expose myself to all this chlorine! Surely it can't be very good for me or my little swimmers ;).

No it's not good for me. Of course it's not. It's can't be! I mean I spend like 20-25 hours a week in a swimming pool. It's not good for me. I know that and so really I should be trying to wash it off my skin everyday as quickly as possible. But unfortunately on Wednesdays I can't/don't shower straight after work and so health worries aside for one moment; on Wednesday's I smell even stronger of chlorine than I normally do and most annoyingly, I itch. On Wednesdays I really, really itch!

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