Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I love my watch. So much, as you can see in the photograph above, I have now bought it twice.

Let me explain. Around 15 weeks ago the strap on my Casio W-800H-9AVEF digital watch snapped without warning. It had probably been weakening for sometime but I hadn't noticed and so it was a bit of a shock, when one day my watch just fell to the floor. I was gutted. Not least because I'm not exactly rich at the moment and so I couldn't really afford to replace it straight away.

With that in mind I attempted to fix it. As a short term fix I super glued the strap back together. Which obviously was a terrible idea. It worked for about a day and then the strap snapped again, in a different position. Strengthening one part of the strap had only put extra pressure on another part of the strap, meaning that the plastic tore in two in a new place (unsurprisingly next to where the glue stopped). In order to counter this affect, when gluing it back together for a second time I strengthened the whole strap with super glue. My watch was now one part plastic, two parts glue. And it worked. Well for a short time at least but then at some point it broke again and I was left without a watch.

I had two options. Replace the strap or replace the watch. So I googled "replacement strap for a Casio W-800H". I found a replacement strap on a website that we should all boycott because it doesn't pay it's taxes but that of course I use because it is convenient and normally offers both value for money and good service. (This is definitely not an endorsement of said company, from now on I will be making a bigger effort to buy from smaller businesses, maybe you should too?)

Anyway, I found a replacement on the site for £12.99! Which would be ok but I was pretty sure that the whole watch only cost around £20. So I googled it and sure enough it was £20 down to £17.90. So for less than an extra £5 I could re-buy the whole watch. It was a no brainer. Unfortunately I really didn't have the money to spare but eventually - after a pay packet or two - I bought the watch again. And I'm really happy that I did.

Let me tell you why I love my watch so much. Not only do I like the way it looks - it has a nice simple, understated design - but it does everything that I need it to. It tells the time haha. It has a light so that I can tell the time when it is dark (and when my swimming goggles are all steamed up). It is waterproof - to a depth of 100m - so that I can wear it in the pool, which for me is absolutely vital. It has a stop watch so that I can time myself while I swim - I would be completely lost without being able to time myself - and time the children I teach while they swim or tread the water. It has an alarm which I don't tend to use as I have this amazing alarm clock (click here) but it is a good feature to have just in case you need to use it one day. It has a comfortable strap so that I never have to take it off. I even sleep in it. And it also has a 10 year battery life! Although as we have already found out; this is pretty pointless if the strap breaks after 2 years!

So yes obviously I would love an Apple watch and at some point I hope to get one. And yes I do wish I was able to afford to buy a Rolex. But right now I'm really happy with my under £20 Casio digital watch because it does everything I need it to and more.

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