Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Crash course

I was supposed to be working this week. If you read my post from last month I can't get ill then you'll know that I was expecting to work every day for 14 weeks, with only one weekend off in-between (which would have been this coming weekend).

This week is half term and so the kids are off school, which means no swimming lessons. At least no regular swimming lessons. Instead during half term we offer a week of lessons called a crash course, where people pay for one lesson a day for the five days Monday to Friday (with no lessons on Saturday and Sunday). Some are children whose parent want them to have booster lessons on top of their regular lessons but a lot are children who don't normally have and sometimes have never had swimming lessons before.

Now I don't work every half term. I alternate with the other main teacher at the club. However, this week was my turn to work - if I wanted to and I wanted to - and so that's why I was expecting to work. Except for whatever reason - it happens sometimes - only one hour a day of lessons were booked and so my boss let me make the decision as to whether I wanted to work or not. So I had a bit of a decision to make.

Of course I did want to work. I'm not exactly rich at the moment. However, in the end I decided against it for a few reasons. If I did work, I would be spending more time travelling to and from work than actually working and I would also be spending a huge chunk of my limited weekly wage on travel and food. It just didn't seem worth it. On top of that I am extremely tired at the moment. I just feel exhausted all the time, which I can only put down to working constantly (even if it is only for a few hours a day, I have been working 7 days a week for the last 6 weeks).

So it definitely felt like the more sensible option to travel home to Wales, spend some time with my family and friends, not spend much money - as I will borrow my dad's car and eat my mum's home cooking - and take some time out from the madness of London and chill out in the Welsh countryside.

So that's what I did. Have a great week. Don't work to hard. I know I won't haha. If the weather allows I'll be mostly sitting in the garden, drinking lemonade and writing. Oh and playing with my niece in her new Wendy house. 

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