Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Ever Saturday (almost) without fail I end up travelling home from work commando. In case you're not aware, the term "going commando" refers to the act of not wearing underwear.

So here's what happens. I get up - normally too late to have breakfast or do anything really - put on my swimming trunks -  that have been drying over night on the radiator - place the rest of my uniform in my bag, get dressed and leave. Then at some point during the day - normally only as I'm getting dressed to leave work - I realised that I didn't put any boxer shorts in my bag and so as I came to work wearing my trunks - which are obviously now wet - I will have to travel home without wearing any underwear.

The weird thing is that it (almost) never happens on any other day of the week, only Saturday's. I'm not sure why Saturday's are so special? I work at the pool six days a week but it rarely (if ever at all) happens on any other day of the week.

Maybe Saturdays are different because unlike in the week - when I work afternoons and evenings - I start work in the morning and I don't function properly in the morning! I am not an early bird. I am most definitely a night owl. I often find it incredibly hard to get out of bed of a morning and it takes me a good while to wake up and for my brain to start functioning properly. So it's quite easy for me to forget things. In fact that is also true for my body as well as my brain. My body also takes a good while to start functioning properly. For example, I can't eat until I've been awake for at least an hour, preferably even longer.

So maybe working in the morning - as well as having a really bad memory, which I wrote about HERE - is the problem. Except the fact that I'm working in the morning doesn't explain it when I also work Sunday mornings - albeit an hour later - and it (almost) never happens on a Sunday. So I'm not completely sure why it happens, or maybe that should be why it only happens on a Saturday. Either way, if you see me in or around Angel on a Saturday afternoon, (FYI) there's a very good chance that I will be going commando.

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