Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Ok so I have a confession to make (one that I hope my boss doesn't read).

On the weekend, while I was teaching, I did something that I believe some people will probably think is no big deal, but something that I find disgusting and (usually) inexcusable.

On Saturday's I teach for 5 hours+, one 30 minute lesson after the other and for the vast majority of that time I am teaching from within the water. While I'm working - and just in general - I tend to drink a lot of water - from a bottle not the pool haha - and so after a couple of hours I normally need to take a quick pee break. Usually I will wait for a crossover between lessons - normally at 12pm - when I will dash to the toilet and then quickly back to the pool before I have held up my next lesson too much.

However, last Saturday I had a bit of a problem. 12pm came and went without me taking my "scheduled" relief break. (Unusually for that lesson) a couple of the children were ready and waiting and so I decided to carry on teaching without a quick break. I needed the toilet but it wasn't so bad, there was some discomfort but not so much that I couldn't wait until 12.30pm and so I got on with my teaching and tried not to think about it.

But then at about 12.20pm, all of a sudden the slight discomfort morphed into a hugely bloated bladder that was pushing against my waistband (or vice versa) and an instant, intense pain. In a snap of the fingers, I had past the point of no return and I absolutely couldn't wait any longer. I had to go to the toilet and I had to go now!

The way I saw it, I had two options. I could either get the children to sit out, on the side of the pool and ask the lifeguard to watch them while I sprinted to the toilet or I could wee in the swimming pool (something that as a regular swimmer and swimming teacher - regardless of how much chlorine is used - disgusts me).

So I really wanted to take option 1, but I wasn't sure how professional that would look and (more importantly) I didn't think I could hold it even that long. So I didn't. Instead I released my sphincter and realised the pressure. That's not to say that I stood there emptying my whole bladder into the water - it was incredibly full - but in my attempt to appear professional, I confess that I let out a small warm blast of urine into the water around me. Just enough to rid me of the worst of the discomfort and allow me to get on with teaching for the next 10 minutes. At which point I flew to the toilet and emptied my overstrained bladder into the urinal.

Peeing in the pool is definitely not something I'm proud of but then, when needs must! Next week however, I will be playing it extra safe and will go to the toilet between every lesson if I have to haha.

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