Monday, 23 March 2015

Colour drain

What colour are my swimming shorts? They're black right? Wait!

I know what you're thinking. "Haven't we been here before?" Because it was only the other week, that crazy liars the world over were trying to have the rest of us on, by telling us that a (very clearly) black and blue dress was white and gold haha

Well this has nothing to do with the cones in your eyes - or being an attention seeker haha - and everything to do with the chlorine in the swimming pool I work at. I've talked about chlorine before. With good reason! It's nasty stuff that I've had some sort of allergic reaction to: allergy, that has made me smell: the smell of chlorine, made my skin itch: as dry as, and the hairs on my legs and arms fall out: leg hair.

But my issues with chlorine continue and so here we are again. I bought the above shorts back in September. When I bought them they were completely black, that way they would go with my black trunks, googles and cap: man in black. And I know I spend a lot of time in the pool. However, generally I don't wear them for work, as I have shorts provided by the club where I teach and although I try to swim as often as possible, I mostly fail and tend to swim two-three times a week max. And yet here we are in March and my shorts have been this strange blue/grey/brown colour - not well represented in the picture - for quite a while now.

And the thing is that the chlorine in our pool is probably half that of the local council pool and even those pools are well, well within the required "safe" limits. And yet how safe can it really be when it drains the colour from clothing so dramatically and so quickly? And how safe can it truly be when it turns me into a dry, shrivelled up, hairless, eye watering mess? haha

Obviously I don't have an answer to those questions - you don't read this blog on a (semi) regular basis if you thought I did - but maybe you know? How bad for you is all this chlorine that I'm exposing myself to so regularly and often for considerable periods of time? Can you tell me? Should I be worrying?

Because I do worry. When I let myself! And so "watch this space" because - although it will no doubt fail to prove anything of any real significance - I will be conducting an experiment in an attempt to find out, very soon!

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