Sunday, 8 February 2015


Hands up all of you out there who suffer with a bad memory?
Did any of you actually put your hand up? If you're reading this and you just put your hand up in the air in front of your computer/tablet/phone screen, I will love you forever haha.

The picture above is of a bottle of Boots' Sun, Swim and Gym shampoo for hair and body. The stuff's great and as someone who spends as much time in a swimming pool as I do each week - teaching and swimming myself - I wouldn't be without it. It does a great job of removing the chlorine from my skin. If I don't use it - even just for a day or two - my skin starts to dry out and I start to itch all over my body. Especially my forearms and shins?

But that picture above is not only of a bottle of shampoo, but of an empty bottle of shampoo! Why is that of any significance I hear you scream at your screen. Obviously you didn't but in my little head at least one of you did. Did you?

Now let me tell you the significance of the emptiness of that bottle of shampoo and it really is of great significance to me (and no doubt of absolutely zero significance to you haha). In the last 18 months I have bought an estimated 8-10 bottle of Boots Sun, Swim and Gym shampoo - by the way this blogpost is not sponsored by Boots but I am hoping that they might send me some free shampoo - and guess how many of those 8-10 bottles I have finished?

That's right! Go to the top of the class. That bottle pictured at the top of this post is the first and therefore only bottle that I have actually finished! And why is that I hear you ask. Why are you so incapable of finishing a bottle of shampoo? Well I will tell you my impatient little reader. Apart form the one bottle that I mistakenly attempted to - and obviously failed - to take onto an aeroplane in my hand luggage. The reason that I have failed to empty any of my previous bottles of swimming shampoo is pretty simple. I have a terrible memory! Every single time I have gotten somewhere between half and three quarters of the way through the bottle and then I have done the exact same thing. I have left it in the shower at the swimming pool and it has either been taken by someone or (more likely) thrown away by a cleaner. Every time!

That bottle up there is the one and only time that I have managed to remember to take my bottle back to my locker with me each time - except one time when I did forget it but then remembered it while I was getting changed and dashed back to find it still there waiting for me - until the bottle was empty. And surely that has to count for something doesn't it? Maybe, if I can train myself to remember my shampoo, I can also stop walking into rooms and forgetting why I'm there? At least that's what I'm hoping. I live in hope. I live in hope!

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