Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to work

After a lovely two weeks of doing absolutely nothing it's back to work today.

And when I say I did nothing. I mean I did nothing! I literally got up in the afternoon, ate lots of chocolate, played games - mostly pretending to be animals - with my niece and watched lots of tv and films - I especially enjoyed Labor Day - before going to bed at "silly o clock".

So although I love my job - I'm a swimming teacher it's not like I have a boring 9 till 5 - I'm not exactly overjoyed at the prospect and having to go in and teach. I mean, I'd just much rather sit here in my warm bed and continue to write, browse the internet, watch youtube videos etc. But obviously I have to go in and I have to go in quite soon. Actually looking at my watch I have to go in really quite soon. Like "there is possibly enough time for a shower first but it might make me late" type of quite soon.

Now like I said, I enjoy my job a lot. I like swimming - and I'm not too bad at it - and I like children - and I'm quite good with them. We're on the same level :) - and so it's a pretty good job for me. But there is also some apprehension about going in. It's the beginning of a new term and so there will be some new children - and therefore new parents! - some of my favourite children have been moved into groups taken by different teachers - obviously none of the difficult children have been moved haha - and the first week is mostly about setting the ground rules and assessing the children and therefore not as fun as some others.

Also before Christmas I did something that has added to my worry a little. Now before your imaginations start to run away with you, I'm talking about the fact that I got my nose pierced. It was my first ever piercing and you can read more about that here. And here's the thing. I'm worried about it getting infected. Because although I got it done at a time when I knew I had two full weeks before I would be back in the pool and therefore I'm hopefully it has started to heal a little, it actually takes up to 3 months to heal fully and even though I clean it twice a day every day, I am still worried.

But there's not a lot I can do about it unfortunately. Just keep my fingers crossed it doesn't get infected but I am a little worried about getting in the pool. Surely it's recommend that you don't get in a swimming pool until it is healed for a reason - hopefully they're just being overly safe? - but it's part of my job. All I can do is to clean my piercing as much as possible and hope for the best because - and you don't want to do this! - but if you google piercing infection you'll understand my anxiety.

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