Friday, 19 December 2014

New Years Resolution

So I wasn't going to have a new years resolution this year. After all I have my Year31Project list. A list of ten challenges - including learn a language and learn a martial art - that I am attempting to complete between Nov 2014 and Nov 2015.

But then here's the thing.

I've been busy recently. Very busy. I have a lot going on. I have my day jobs - being a swimming teacher and a home tutor - and although I don't write on them as much as I once did, I have two blogs (this one and Year31Project). If that wasn't enough I'm also soon to be starting a new travel blog based on my obsession with collecting mugs. I'm at different stages of writing a new film, a book, a play, a children's play and a poetry collection. I'm trying to get my short film 'letters' seen by as many people as possible as well as by the "right people" while attempting to find the funding to film my next script and planning a big project based on my one man play 'one lump or two'. Therefore a lot of my "free" time is currently spent applying for jobs, funding and film festivals. Oh yeah and that's forgetting the list items again like the fact that I'm attempting to learn a language.

On top of all this I'm also trying to have a social life, keep my face alive in the "scene" and see as much art and culture as I can because I think it's important to be constantly learning and seeing plays and films and art exhibitions etc is a crucial element within that.

Oh I also need time to get my daily tv and internet fixes too. Plus I like sleep a lot - I don't work properly unless I've had 8 hours sleep - and sometimes I have periods when I just can't be bothered doing anything which I have to try and factor in. So no there really aren't enough hours in the day sometimes.

So yes I've been busy. Too busy for a new years resolution!
Except amid everything else the one thing that I haven't been doing at all recently is swimming! And I love swimming. Here is a whole blog all about - more loosely sometimes than others -  swimming and my love of swimming. I'm also a swimming teacher and so surely I should practice what I preach?

So here it is. After work tomorrow I will have my last swim of 2014. I will then get away from London and go home to my parents for an extended break over Christmas - where I will have to do lots of work type stuff but not actually go into work - when I will not swim. I will then be back at work on Monday 5th January 2015 - how is it going to be 2015 already! - when I will start swimming again.

And so my New Years Resolution for 2015 is to attempt to swim at (the very) least 1 mile on each of the four days that I currently teach swimming (and I am therefore already at the pool).

Think I can do it? No me neither - 1 mile isn't much to me but will I be bothered to swim before to after every shift? - but anything has to be better than the current state of affairs! So wish me luck and keep those fingers crossed for me that I can get back to my swimming and finally get that swimmers body I've always wanted.

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