Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Today is the 1st of October, pinch, punch first of the month. It is also the 1st day of
Go Sober for October. If you're giving it a go because it's something that you will find difficult and is therefore something that will push you out of your comfort zone, then good luck! I have a blog all about doing things that take you out of your comfort zone. So I genuinely wish you good luck, although I'm sorry but I find it hard to see staying sober for a month as an achievement :) - I wrote a blog about it here.

However, today also marks a year in my job as a lifeguard. Now that is an achievement! Not least because I rarely stay in a job for a whole year haha. I only do one or two shifts a week of lifeguarding these days - I currently make most of my money from being a swimming teacher - but I still think that doing it for a whole year is some achievement.

Why is that an achievement I "hear" you ask. Well that would be because it is an awful, awful job! I know it's not the hardest job in the world. There are so many jobs that are really hard work like being in the military, being a lumber jack or being a dairy farmer (the early mornings must be killer). So it's not hard work (although I have done my fair share of 6.15am starts) and it's not disgusting work either. I don't have to clean up sick - well actually there is a chance I might have to scoop sick out of the pool - or unblock sewage pipes. It's not even particularly mentally draining like working for children with special needs is. It's probably not even - actually it's definitely not - the worst job I have ever had.

I have had some pretty terrible jobs in my time. I hated being a postman but that was heaven compared to working in a frozen food factory during the summer between taking my GCSE's and starting my A-levels. The highlight of which was being covered from head to foot in onion gravy. It took two days and around 6 showers before I could get rid of the smell! But even that paled in significance next to working in a clothes factory the summer "You're beautiful" by James Blunt came out. The radio station they had on played it twice an hour every hour for 8 hrs! Now nobody deserves to have to listen to "You're beautiful" sixteen times a day!

So I've told you want it isn't but what lifeguarding is, is mind numbingly boring! You just sit there, hour after hour watching people swimming (badly). It's enough to drive you insane. Luckily I was already insane before I started ;)

Now I don't know which is really the biggest achievement. Not drinking for a month or working as a lifeguard for a whole year? However, having remained sober for nearly 18 months and worked as a lifeguard for 12 months, what I can tell you is that from my experience, neither actually feels like much of an achievement. In fact, I feel exactly the same about both. I should have quit SOONER!

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