Thursday, 4 September 2014

The return of the Flip Turn Girl

The last time I spoke about the 'flip turn girl' I said that it would be the final time and at the time I meant it. But somebody up there doesn't like me and so I find myself writing about her again.

If you don't know who the 'flip turn' girl is let me fill you in a little. Last October, five months after a very difficult breakup I found myself having my first big crush on a girl who came to the the swimming pool where I had just started working as a lifeguard. I remember the first time I saw her. Even wearing a swimming cap - nobody looks good in a swimming cap - I thought that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

For the next five months I kept my crush to myself. Well not myself exactly. In fact I told anyone who would listen and wrote about it on this blog haha. But the one person I didn't tell however was of course... the girl herself. Well that was up until the 14th March, when - a month after I bough a (non-valentines)Valentines Day card - I left the card - which I had kept in my locker at work for the past month - telling her that I thought she was beautiful on her pink flip flops as she swam and promptly ran away.

Unfortunately after she saw the card she didn't exactly confess her love for me too. In fact not only didn't she do that but after I left the card I only saw her at the gym once more before she stopped coming altogether.

I spent the next few months confused about how I had gotten it so wrong - I must have thought I had a chance or I wouldn't have opened myself up in the way that I did - and feeling guilty that my actions might have made her feel so uncomfortable that she had stopped coming to the gym (that up until then she had frequented 3 or 4 times a week). After all this is the last thing I would have wanted!

I continued to think about her for a little while afterwards. She was lovely but she wasn't interested in me. There was nothing I could do about it. I needed to move on. Which was pretty easy. After all it was just a little crush.

Now, if any of you have been following my other blog Year31Project then you might know that a couple of months ago I tried online dating. I'd never done it before and it had been a long time since I'd been on a date so I thought why not. Everyone else is doing it. Plus I'm not very good at the initial asking people out stage of dating and so why not help myself out with that stage by trying the internet dating thing.

At first it didn't go all that well and I wasn't sure that it was right for me. But after failing to cancel my subscription after the first month as intended - typical Anthony Hett behaviour - I got into it a bit more and starting talking to a few nice girls. I then did cancel it after the second month but before I did so, I swapped email and phone numbers with a couple of girls and then after a few weeks of chatting I finally made a date for this coming weekend.

I haven't been on a date in so long! In fact it was still 2013 when I last went out on a date. So I was quite excited about the prospect of going out on a date again. But then of course this happens!

So on the Tuesday I make the arrangements to go out on a date this weekend with a nice girl I've been talking to. Then yesterday - the very next day - I go into work and as I leave the cafe I see a girl at the reception who looks remarkably like flip turn girl. I feel physically sick! It's not a girl that looks like her. It is her! But it can't be can it? It's been six whole months since I've last seen her here. Maybe I'm mistaken. Why would she be back now? (as a line from this poem says "logic tells me that it's probably somebody else but my gut knows that it's you.)

I make my way downstairs and get ready for my lessons. Im just setting up, the children haven't arrived yet when she comes out onto the poolside. I look up at her from what I'm doing. She's still the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and all of a sudden I realise why my celebrity crush for the last few months has been Selena Gomez.

For the next 30+ mins I try to get on with my teaching as she swims up and down, length after length after length and I wonder why now? Why when I've finally arranged my first date in 9 months does the flip turn girl show up? Is it fate?

No! Almost definitely not. She wasn't interested in me then, why would she be now? Plus I have my pride and I wouldn't want to hassle her or make her feel uncomfortable. So although I'd love to convince her to go out with me, I think I'm just going to let sleeping dogs lie and continue looking forward to my first date in a long time.

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