Thursday, 11 September 2014

Spanish nanny

This "swimming" blog is in serious danger of becoming solely about my struggle with the fairer sex haha. But here goes anyway!

At the end of July when all of my children - I'm a swimming teacher now a father haha - had already seemingly jetted off somewhere even sunnier than London, I found myself at the pool with zero children to teach. Then at some point when I'm waiting around aimlessly I end up giving this really cute little girl - who wasn't even three at the time - a free lesson. I did this for three main reasons.

1. I was there with nothing to do.
2. I'm quite a nice person.
3. Her Spanish nanny was HOT!

Haha I couldn't help myself. The little girls nanny was incredible attractive and I needed a reason to talk to her. She was also slightly confused as she wasn't sure if the child's mother had told her to go swimming with her or had told her to take her for her swimming lesson. It was only when she arrived at the pool that she found out that it was the former and that there isn't a lesson for her. But as I wasn't doing anything... why not?

Since the end of July I have seen them both several times. I always say hello when I see them but that's as far as it goes. The little girl Josie always wants me to go and play with them and maybe I should? But as of yet of course I haven't.

Josie has now also started swimming lessons properly - now we're back from our summer break - but unfortunately for me she is with another swimming teacher. This is shame because she is a lovely little girl but more importantly it is an opportunity missed because I would of course have had to - made excuses to - speak to her beautiful Spanish nanny.

Then two days ago, Josie and her nanny are swimming together as I get ready for my lessons and the lifeguard on duty - also a young Spanish girl - calls me over saying "apparently this young lady is in love with you". Devastatingly she wasn't talking about the nanny haha

I live in hope :)

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