Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Last week I went on holiday with my family to Majorca.

It was very much a last minute thing.
My parents were going on holiday when my older sister asked if her and her 6 year old daughter could go with them. Then when my younger sister asked if her and her husband could go too, which then just left me.

I had my reservations.
It's a long time since I went on holiday with my family! And it's not the kind of holiday that I would normally like to go on. I prefer places a little more off the beaten track, where I can mix with local people and sample their culture and food a bit more. But I thought that it might be fun and relaxing which is exactly what I needed after the crazy adventure that was Edinburgh.

And it was fun! It was nice to spend some time with my family - not something I get to do all that often - the weather was fantastic - in the mid 30's all week - and the food was just amazing! Each morning and night we ate at the restaurant in the hotel which was just unreal. There was so much choice on offer and I ate more than should be humanely possible. Almost every morning I had a full English breakfast, so I've definitely come home a couple of pounds heavier.

While I was there, there were plenty of chances to try new things like archery or parasailing - after all I am still in the middle of the Year31Project - but I ignored them all and instead spent most of my time simply relaxing by the pool with a book (not what I normally do on holiday at all).

The one thing I did do while I was there though was to go for a swim in the sea.
This wasn't a particularly easy undertaking because even at 6pm the beach was incredibly busy and I couldn't go too far out in fear of getting struck on the head by the speed boat pulling the parasailers. There were plenty of huge waves which knocked me about a fair bit and I swallowed a large amount of sea water. I couldn't sea where I was going - sea what I did there - close to the rocks the water was really "dirty". It was full of bits of seaweed and full of churned up sand. Even away from the rocks where the water was nice and clear I couldn't see where I was going because my googles were constantly steamed up (which made me a little jumpy).

I swam from one side of the beach to the other and back again. I have no idea how far it was. It took me around 15mins or so one way and 12mins 30secs on the way back. And considering that I wasn't swimming anywhere near my full capacity, I reckon I could easily have done it in around 10mins. Unfortunately I was too lazy to go back and find out. Sorry I mean too busy relaxing, reading my book, playing mini golf and having ice cold water thrown over my head.

The swim was hard going. But it was so much fun! I definitely need to do some more swimming in the sea in the future. Although I'm looking forward to the prospect of swimming in the freezing cold North Sea a lot less than the beautiful warm waters of the Mediterranean, that's for sure!

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