Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fussy eater

The other day a friend of mine said that I was difficult to cook for and I have to admit that I resented it a little. Especially as they were only really basing this on the fact that I don't eat cheese or drink alcohol.

Now if you had said this up until a couple of years ago then yes, I would have held my hands up and said yes I am a fussy eater.

I remember when I was in uni (more years ago than I care to count) and I would basically live off potatoes, bread, sugary cereal, baked beans, turkey drummers, broccoli and cauliflower. & quite honestly very little else. I'm sure there are one or two people out there who will no doubt remember this and probably assume that this is how I still eat?

But it really isn't the case. My eating habits have changed so much in the last few years. I now love sushi, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Lebanese, Mexican and so many other types of cuisine that I had never ventured to try before because I had always assumed I wouldn't like them.

There are so many foods that I now eat on a regular basis that up until fairly recently I never normally would: duck, honey, tuna, pistachios, onion, sweet peppers, courgettes, cucumber, salmon, lamb, prawns etc etc the list literally goes on and on. I never used to eat fish and seafood but they are now my favourite food. It's not very often that I go to a restaurant these days - full stop haha - and don't order the fish or seafood option.

So, difficult? Ok, no I'm not one of those people that literally eats everything! There are still a few things that I don't particularly like or can't have. And unfortunately for me some of those things seem to cause problems as they tend to be in a lot of recipes. Especially cheese!

However, I do pretty well these days. I'm still not a big fan of India cuisine. I don't eat cheese and if something is too creamy, I have to be careful as it can upset my stomach a little. I'm also not too keen on raw tomato, garden peas or bananas. Ok so there are a number of things I don't eat. But those few aside I eat pretty much everything these days - especially compared to how I used to eat. And (almost) everyone has a few things that they don't like, don't they?

So no cheese, alcohol, raw tomato or anything too creamy please. Which yes maybe rules out quite a few recipes and so yes maybe my friend was right. Maybe it makes me a little difficult to cook for? Although surely not in a vegan difficult to cook for kind of way, just a doesn't like a few things difficult to cook for kind of way.

So difficult to cook for? Potentially (especially if you you're a big fan of cheese). But fussy eater? I don't think so. At least not anymore!

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