Thursday, 31 July 2014


Something hilarious disastrous slightly annoying happened today.

I had just finished teaching and I was about to have a swim. I went down to the sauna first to warm up a little. As I've mentioned previously it can get really cold standing around in the water while teaching. I warm up and then coming out of the sauna, I've got a full on wedgie situation going on. So I pull my trunks out of my arse and *rip* I tear a 3 inch hole in the back of my swimming trunks. Excellent! It's not like I have a spare pair. I have one for swimming and teaching.

Now luckily I double up. By which I mean that I always wear a pair of shorts over the top of my trunks. They create costume drag. It doesn't make a big difference but it makes my swim slightly harder and anything that helps!

Therefore although my trunks ripped open, nobody saw! Thankfully! Because that could have been really embarrassing. And worse than embarrassing if I had still been teaching! My last lesson was with a 7 year old little girl. & so me standing there with my arse hanging out of the back my trunks might not have gone down very well!

So fortunately I narrowly avoided being put on the sex offenders register haha however I now need to buy some new trunks. Which is fair enough. I have had the pair that have just given up the ghost for a fairly long time. They must have been wash 200 times. But it's not like I have any money at the moment. No I could really do without the expense of having to replace them!

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