Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Aren't bananas brilliant?

They're really good for you.

They're a great source fibre, contain a good amount of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B6 and are a fairly good source of vitamin C, manganese and potassium. The consumption of bananas has also been associated with a reduced risk of certain types of cancer. So all good?

Yes... except I do just have one small problem with them. They're disgusting!

I've never liked bananas. In fact my dislike for them goes so far back that I don't have any recollection of ever having eaten one!

I have a vague memory of drinking a banana milkshake in a cafe a couple of doors down from the Boathouse (home town reference) and it tasting too much like bananas haha which sounds silly but I've always liked the artificial banana flavour but this milkshake tasted like it was made from real bananas! Which of course should have been a good thing but - for me at least - it really wasn't.

I also have a more vivid memory of a school trip to Liverpool and of a kid in my class called Nathan Brierley (sp?) eating a banana on the bus. I remember that he quite literally got it everywhere! All over his hands, his clothes, his seat and very nearly all over me. I remember feeling sick to the pit of my stomach just watching him wiping it all over the hand rails and windows and everything around him. Was it enough to put me off bananas for life? Quite possibly! Although I think I had already decided that I didn't like them before that point.

So not having eaten a banana in, I don't know how long but for arguments sake lets say at least 20 years, the other day I was flagging a little and needed something to give me a little boost of energy before I went for a swim. I needed something light, as it was only an hour before I would be getting into the pool. I also needed something full of energy and I wanted something healthy and cheap.

I wasn't too sure what to get, but stood in the fruit aisle of the supermarket, I saw the bananas and thought "how about a banana, aren't they supposed to be good for fast energy release?" So I bought a banana. The first time I have ever done so for myself. & it was only a little 'un. It cost me all of 10p.

Cheap, natural and full of energy. The perfect snack! Except, I don't like bananas... right? Only I haven't eaten one in so long that maybe I might like them now? Surely it's worth 10p to find out?

So I open up the banana and take a bite. And it tastes ok. Not my favourite taste in the world. It's certainly no lichee or caramel but it's not too bad. Which is great but it's only half the battle! For me to really like something, the flavour has to be right but so does the texture. It's like eating yoghurt with bits of fruit in. It might taste good but I just don't like the texture. For me yoghurt really needs to be smooth.

Here in lies my problem with bananas. I know a lot of people will disagree with me. For some reason bananas seem to be a very popular fruit. But for me the texture is all wrong! The texture was awful. It was ok when I first bit into it. At first it was nice and solid but then as you chew it, it turns into a slimy, sloppy, disgusting mess, that I could hardly bring myself to swallow.

I finished it. I made myself eat it all. Knowing I would need the energy for my swim and hoping that it would get better. But it didn't. I really didn't enjoy eating it and unfortunately I doubt I''ll be eating one again anytime soon!

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  1. Jeeez. i probably eat a PACK of bananas a day.... Ahhhsigh... They're awesome! They're yellow! And they come in a take away, individual, organic wrap!